Hansen’s Vehicle Transport and Car Shipping in Montreal

Hansen’s has established a stellar reputation as a top car shipping company in Montreal. With decades of experience serving the region, we ensure safe and reliable auto transport to and from Montreal. Our experienced team of professionals offers vehicle transportation services for individuals and commercial businesses. Contact us today for a free quote.

Hours of Operation:
Mon - Fri 8 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone Number:
5901 Westminster Avenue, Building #5
Côte St-Luc
H4W 2J9

Our Montreal Office

Our Montreal office is situated within the CP Rail Auto Compound in Côte St-Luc. Its strategic location provides easy access to three major highways, making it convenient for vehicle shipping in and out of the city. Located just 15 minutes from both the airport and downtown Montreal, our office ensures accessibility and convenience for our customers.

From Airport (10 kms): Take Highway 20 East. Exit at 1ere Avenue and stay left. At the light, turn left onto Hwy 20 West. Exit at rue Norman. Turn left at the stop sign. At the end of the street there will be a light giving you right of way for a single lane. Once you have crossed the overbridge, make a right at first intersection and stay right. We are the first building on your right. (NOTE: As of Fall 2023, this route is temporarily closed due to major roadwork. Please follow the alternate route below).

Alternate route from Airport (10 kms): Take Hwy 520 East to 15 South (Decarie). Exit at Jean Talon and stay left. Make a right on Rue Paré. Go to the end of Rue Paré and you will see the entrance for the CP Rail Compound. Follow the directions for building #5 which is Hansen’s.

From Downtown: Follow directions for Highway 15 North (Decarie). Exit at Jean Talon and stay left. Make a right on Rue Paré. Go to the end of Rue Paré and you will see the entrance for the CP Rail Compound. Follow the directions for building #5 which is Hansen’s.

Vehicle Shipping Services

Whether you need a single vehicle shipped or an entire fleet, Hansen’s has the network to get your car shipped safely and on time across Canada and between Canada and the U.S.

· Vehicle shipping across Canada. At Hansen’s we specialize in transporting vehicles across Canada. Our well-established network ensures that your vehicles reach their destinations promptly and securely, no matter where in the country that may be.

· Oversized vehicle shipping. Our specialized equipment and expertise allow us to handle the transport of oversized and heavy vehicles, ensuring their safe and timely delivery to your chosen destination.

· Shipping to and from the U.S. We provide seamless vehicle transport services to and from the United States, making cross-border car shipping a hassle-free process. Trust us to handle the logistics for your cross-border vehicle transportation needs.

· Car dealerships. Car dealerships rely on us to deliver their inventory promptly and in pristine condition. We understand the importance of a dependable and punctual service.

· Moving companies. We support moving companies by transporting their customers’ vehicles as part of the relocation process.

· Corporate vehicle shipping. Montreal businesses count on us for their corporate vehicle shipping needs, whether it’s a corporate fleet or individual vehicles.

Reminders and Important Information

Transportation by vehicle is necessary to come to the office as there is no bus service, and one cannot walk/bike in the rail yard for safety reasons.

Our History

Hansen’s Montreal office has been serving the community since the early 1980s, initially focusing on retail customers and later expanding to include new vehicles. We frequently pick up and deliver units to various ports, facilitating transport to destinations like Newfoundland and Nunavut.

In addition to our commitment to providing professional car shipping services, we’re dedicated to giving back to the community. We provide annual support to local charities such as Accueil Bonneau and Old Mission Brewery.

Popular Routes

Routes within the province To / From Montreal

• We service Abitibi – 3-5 days transit, 2 to 3 loads weekly

• Saguenay Lac St-Jean – 3-5 days transit, 2 to 4 loads weekly

• Gaspé 3-5 days, 1 to 2 loads weekly

• Bas St-Laurent, 3-5 days 2 loads weekly

Routes within Canada

• Ottawa 2-3 days, daily

Toronto 3-5 days, 3-4 loads weekly

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