Car Dealerships

Car dealership

We offer service for car dealerships

We deliver vehicles to dealerships with the full understanding that there is a customer on the end of every move so speed of delivery is of paramount importance.

We handle all your vehicle shipping needs

Hansen’s services the vehicle transportation needs for hundreds of dealerships across the country.

Why Hansen's?

From our vast experience serving dealerships, we know what is important to you!  

As the largest vehicle carrier in Canada, we can offer competitive pricing on all domestic routes. We offer price certainty year-round, and we don’t raise our prices during times where demand is high.

With the largest truck fleet in Canada and our partnership with CP Rail, we can deliver vehicles quickly, efficiently and damage free.

Our fleet size ensures we can provide service to most locations within Canada and the continental U.S. whether they are major urban centers or remote locations hundreds of miles off the beaten path.  

We have a dedicated customer service team that ensures quotes are provided as rapidly as possible. Most quotes are turned around within 2 hours to help you make rapid decisions.

We have an online customer portal available for commercial customers that use our services regularly.  You can obtain quotes for any lane, create orders and book transportation directly, keep track of your vehicle’s whereabouts from beginning to end with our tracking system, and obtain written proofs of delivery at the conclusion of the move.

Hansen’s has the most up-to-date fleet in the industry!

Our fleet is regularly replaced to keep the average age of equipment < 5 years which ensures your vehicles are delivered in the fastest, safest, and most sustainable way possible.

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