Hansen’s Gives Back

As our company grows, it becomes increasingly important to give back to our communities. With this in mind, in 2014 we started an employee lottery. All of our employees with more than one year of service are entered into a quarterly draw. The draw is completely random and not at all performance based. The winner chooses a registered charity or organization that is important to them, and Hansen’s supports this with a $2500.00 donation.

As a proudly Canadian, family owned business with 34 years of experience in the vehicle transportation business; Hansen’s has developed a reputation that leaves the competition in the dust. In our last draw, one of our Toronto based truck drivers; Patryk Relski won, and requested that the donation be sent to Sick Kids. His family has used Sick Kids services in the past, Patryk and his wife wanted to give back.

Vehicle transport and car shipping services in Canada and U.S since 1980.