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What to Consider When Shipping an Oversized Vehicle

Oversized vehicle shipping is a bit more complicated than regular auto shipping. If you need to move a commercial van, or a heavy pick-up truck across the country or to the U.S., there are a few things you need to consider. Here’s what you need to know about shipping an oversized vehicle.

What’s Considered an Oversized Vehicle?

Oversized vehicles that can be shipped typically include the following:

• Commercial vans

• Heavy-duty pickups

Buses, garbage/dump trucks, farm equipment and other vehicles of similar size must be handled by a specialty carrier with a flat bed trailer.

Planning to Ship an Oversized Vehicle

Here are a few things to consider before shipping an oversized vehicle:

Manage your time. When planning to move an oversized vehicle, give yourself plenty of time. Safety regulations, travel time and loading time all contribute to an extended period for moving oversized vehicles. For example, oversized vehicles may need to be transported on a flatbed trailer, and the transport truck may only be able to carry a single vehicle. Oversized vehicles also take more time to load and unload.

Budget accordingly. Be prepared to pay more than you would for standard auto shipping. Regular auto-shipping trailers can carry up to 9 vehicles at once, which means the cost per vehicle is lower. If an oversized vehicle needs to be shipped individually, the cost is higher. Moreover, demand for oversized vehicle shipping is less than for standard vehicles, so supply and demand dictate a higher price.

Tips For Oversized Vehicle Shipping

When transporting an oversized vehicle, follow these tips to ensure a smooth delivery:

• Be prepared with the vehicle’s make, model and dimensions so that the shipping company can quickly find a suitable transport vehicle.

• Clean the vehicle. Before shipping your vehicle, an inspector will look it over to see any pre-existing damage. This can take a lot longer if your vehicle is dirty.

• Ensure everything is operating as it should be and alert your transport company of any problems.

• Remove all personal items from the vehicle as the company isn’t responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings.

• Choose a pickup and drop-off location with sufficient space to accommodate the large transport vehicle.

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