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8 Questions to Ask Before Shipping Your Car

Finding a vehicle shipping company takes more than a Google search. Your vehicle is a valuable asset. Therefore, it’s essential you speak to company representatives and ask the following eight questions:

1. Are the company and drivers licensed and registered?

Don’t assume the company or even the drivers have proper certification and licensing. Ask if the company employs professional, bonded drivers and if the company itself is certified to move vehicles across provincial boundaries and international borders.

2. What documentation is needed?

Especially when shipping a vehicle across international borders, you’ll need to fill out the proper paperwork and get the appropriate documentation. An established and experienced vehicle shipping company should be able to tell you what you need to do.

3. How do I get ready for car shipping?

Auto shipping companies have rules and regulations about what you can and cannot ship with the vehicle, like personal belongings. You may also need to disable the alarm system and repair broken, loose or rusted parts before shipping.

4. What’s included in the car shipping quote?

Verify that your quote doesn’t include any extra costs. Get an itemized list of what’s included in the quote and ask about other fees, surcharges or costs that may not be listed.

5. What’s the car shipping process?

Get a representative to explain how the shipping process works, from pickup to delivery. Will you need to be present to help load and unload the vehicle? Are there any stops along the way where your car will be sitting unattended for long periods?

6. Does the company own its trucks or do they outsource?

Look for a company that owns its trucks and has in-house employees who perform the move. Car shipping brokers use the lowest bidders, not necessarily the best.

7. Does the company have insurance coverage and a claims process?

All legally operating auto shipping companies must be fully insured. However, you need to know what the insurance policy covers. For example, you may be stuck paying a deductible if you make a claim. Also, ask if you can buy more insurance for added protection.

8. Does the company offer vehicle tracking?

An honest and transparent car shipping company will provide online vehicle tracking, so you can follow your vehicle’s journey at any time, whether it’s being transported by truck or rail.

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