Claims Policy

How to file a claim

Claims can be filed by mail, fax, email or through the online application form.
Claims Department
L. Hansen's Forwarding Ltd.
305 Milner Avenue, Suite 300, Scarborough, ON M1B 3V4

Claims Notice Timelines

The customer or a designate must be present for vehicle delivery.  Any damage must be noted at the time of delivery on the inspection report.

Claim Damage Notification must be made to the Hansen's Claims Department within 48 hours after receipt of your vehicle  

The claim with full supporting information must be filed within 30 days of receipt of the vehicle.

Documents Required for Claim Submission

Cover Page detailing what you are claiming, including your mailing address, telephone numbers and an e-mail address

A copy of the Bill of Lading

A copy of the Final Release

Two (2) repair estimates covering the new transit damage areas only

Photograph of the damage including:

    • photo of the VIN #
    • photo of the odometer reading
    • photo of the damaged panel
    • photo of the damage (close-up)

Claims can be sent by mail, by fax, email or using the online application form.

Terms and Conditions of Shipment

L. Hansen's Forwarding Ltd. and its agents are not responsible for environmental pollution, exhaust systems, wiring, mechanical and manufacturer's defects, corroded parts, broken and loose parts, personal belongings, damages attributable to normal wear and tear, items mounted on or under dash, loose speakers and damages/defects not readily visible due to weather conditions, dirt or inspection location and windshields that cracked due to previously existing chips or cracks.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for any damage or delay in the performance of its obligations under this agreement to the extent caused by unforeseeable events beyond such party’s reasonable control, including acts of God or the public enemy, fire, flood, labour disorder, civil commotion, public highway closing, or government interference or regulation; provided that written notice of such damage or delay (including the anticipated duration of the delay) shall be given to the other party within ten days.

Claim Liability Coverage

Valuation of your vehicle is defined by the Canadian Red Book Retail cost less the applicable deductible as selected by the customer when booking their move.  The customer can choose between a $0.00 or a $500.00 deductible.

Any new transit damage that is Hansen's responsibility (excluding items not claimable per the terms and conditions of shipment) will be repaired to your satisfaction, first observing the $0.00 or $500.00 deductible as accepted by the customer.  

Transit Time Guarantees

A Transit Time Guarantee ("TTG") is available, on certain moves, at the time of booking confirmation, through a Hansen's customer service representative.  TTGs do not apply where the deductible option has been selected. If a TTG is not met, Hansen's will provide the customer with a daily dollar amount for alternative transportation.  Limitations apply. Speak with a customer service representative for details.


Private Owned Vehicles 
Options are available for $0.00 or $500.00 deductible on vehicles valued up to $50,000.00.  

Dealer, Leasing Company or Auto Auction Vehicles
Fully insured $0.00 deductible on vehicles valued up to $50,000.00.  

All Vehicle Moves 
Any suggested value in excess of the Red Book value, must be supported by an independent appraisal or bill of sale not older than 30 days.  Said document/s must be in our possession prior to picking up the vehicle or prior to L. Hansen's Forwarding accepting responsibility for the vehicle.

For Vehicles Older than 20 Model Years

A legitimate appraisal on company letterhead showing details of the vehicle from top to bottom, including a set of full pictures inside and out. If there are no appraisal companies in your location, an alternative is to take the vehicle to your closest dealership, ask the Used Car Manager to appraise the vehicle on company letterhead signed by the Manager, along with his or her printed name.

For Vehicles Older than 15 Model Years 

A full inspection checklist from a legitimate Automotive Repair shop such as Canadian Tire, Midas, Dealerships, etc. signed by a licensed mechanic showing a detailed "pass or fail" of various mechanical and non-mechanical items on the vehicle that ensures a particular vehicle is safe and road worthy. Any items that "fail" will need to be fixed, and the member will have to provide us with a copy of the paid invoice showing items that were fixed.