cleaning interior of a car

Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle for Safe Shipping

A reliable vehicle transport service will get your car to its destination safely and has insurance to honour its commitment in the unlikely event of damage. However, there are still things you should do in preparation for the move to ensure your car is in suitable condition for transport. Here are some steps to take before entrusting your car to the transport company.  

Deal with mechanical issues. It’s best to get a tune-up before shipping your car to prevent troubles in transit. Transporting a malfunctioning vehicle is a different type of service, so don’t assume your car transport company can handle the job.

Give it a full cleaning. If something goes wrong and you need to file a damage report, images of a clean car provide a clearer view of its pre-shipping condition. Interior cleaning should include removing personal effects and items that could be jostled during transit.

Check fluid levels and look for leaks. Top up your engine oil and all other fluids. Make sure your vehicle has at least a quarter tank of gas. Check for leaks; the transport driver may refuse to take a vehicle with leaks. If it’s minor, they may be able to keep the car on the bottom row of the trailer so it won’t affect other vehicles in transit.

Check all tires and accessories. Check your tire pressure and ensure they’re properly inflated. Both over- and under-inflated tires are prone to damage in transit. Ensure that the spare tire is in its place and in good condition. Remove accessories like bike racks, spoilers and antennas. If possible, fold your mirrors in.

Deactivate alarms and toll tags. Prevent needless disruption by ensuring your car alarms are disarmed before shipping. Additionally, deactivate or remove any toll tags on your car to avoid triggering toll gates and incurring unnecessary charges.

Take multiple photos. Take photos of your car from every angle, including shots of the dashboard with the odometer reading clearly legible. You can also use a video camera to document the condition of your vehicle.

Every car shipping company has its own set of requirements for car shipments. At Hansen’s, we’ve prepared a detailed list of steps to take to get your car ready for our car transport drivers.  

Get Your Vehicle Ready for Safe Shipping Across Canada and to the U.S. with Hansen’s

When you can’t afford to take any chances, the Hansen’s team has the expertise, fleet capacity and infrastructure to get your vehicle where you need it to go. With our secure storage facilities, in-house insurance and partnership with Canadian Pacific Rail, we have everything it takes to move your car safely and seamlessly. Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about our vehicle transport services.