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The Importance of Vehicle Transport Companies for Car Dealerships

Canadian car dealerships need to move vehicles to sell them — either between dealerships or from auction houses. Auto transport companies play a pivotal role in ensuring car dealerships have the inventory they need to satisfy their customers. Here’s how it all works:

Methods of Auto Transport

Vehicle shipping companies employ various methods to transport cars across cities, provinces and the country. The carrier that a dealership uses depends on the distance to be covered, the number of vehicles involved and the level of protection required. Here are two of the most common types:

1. Car carriers are large trucks with multiple levels of open-air racks. This method of transport is suitable for moving multiple vehicles over short and long distances.

2. Rail transport is commonly used for long-distance hauls. Shipping companies often use trains to move large batches of cars to distribution terminals for pick up or further shipping by truck to the end destination.

Very often, a combination of transportation modes may be used. For example, a car may be transported by truck to a rail terminal, then moved by train to its next destination, and then loaded onto another truck for the final leg of the delivery.

5 Reasons Dealerships Partner with Shipping Companies

Dealerships collaborate with vehicle transport companies for a number of compelling reasons, including:

1. Market reach. By partnering with shipping companies, dealerships can sell and deliver vehicles to customers in different regions and across the country.

2. Increased buying power. Dealerships can take advantage of sales at other locations, purchasing vehicles and shipping them to their lot in anticipation of selling them for a profit.

3. Fulfillment of special requests. Partnering with a shipping company allows dealerships to source specific vehicles from other locations and deliver them to customers who demand particular makes and models not available locally.

4. Cost savings. It’s often more cost-effective for a dealership to use a specialized vehicle shipping service than to transport vehicles using in-house resources.

5. Focus on expertise. By outsourcing the logistics of vehicle transportation to shipping companies, dealerships can focus on their core competencies without the added burden of managing complex transportation logistics.

Overall, the collaboration between dealerships and auto transport companies accelerates the secure delivery of vehicles.

Car Dealership Vehicle Shipping in Canada and to the U.S.

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