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Guide to Shipping Your Classic or Antique Vehicle

Are you the proud owner of a classic or antique car? This valuable investment is a true collector’s item, and one you want to protect. If you’ve recently purchased a classic car from another city and need to move it, or you’re relocating, choosing to ship your car instead of driving it can protect your prized possession. Here’s what you should know about safely shipping your classic car.

Choose a Reputable Car Shipping Company

When it comes to moving your classic car, it’s essential to find a dependable company that can handle the safe transport of your vehicle. Research is key. Look for a provider with a proven track record in shipping classic cars by considering customer reviews and testimonials. Ensuring the company is insured and licensed is also a must.

Prepare Your Car for Shipping

Proper preparation of your antique car is vital for a safe and successful move. Here are some of the steps required to prepare your vehicle:

Document the car’s condition. Before handing your vehicle to a transport company, take detailed photographs, and thoroughly document its current condition. If there’s a dispute regarding the car’s condition upon arrival, this documentation will help you make your case.

Remove personal items. Empty your vehicle of any personal belongings, including loose items and aftermarket accessories. This reduces the risk of damage during transport and ensures smooth loading and unloading.

Check for fluid leaks. Inspect your vehicle for any type of discharge, and address leaks before you ship it. This precaution will help protect your car.

Disable the alarm. To prevent unnecessary disruptions during transit, disable the alarm system in your car. Provide the shipping company with clear instructions on how to handle the vehicle’s security features.

Understand Your Insurance Coverage

Hansen’s provides insurance coverage for transported vehicles. However, it’s essential to understand the terms and conditions of the provided policy to determine if you need additional coverage for a classic car. We require a safety check on vehicles older than 15 model years. If you’re purchasing additional insurance you’ll need to consider the following elements:

Valuation methods. Some policies cover the actual cash value of the vehicle, while others provide agreed-upon value coverage. Choose a policy that aligns with the value of your classic car. At Hansen’s, we require a valuation on vehicles older than 20 model years.

Coverage limits. Verify the coverage limits of the insurance policy. Policies have maximum limits, and if your vehicle’s value exceeds this limit, consider purchasing additional coverage or exploring supplemental insurance options.

Reporting policies. In the unlikely event of damage during transit, you’ll need to report it to the shipping company immediately. Timely reporting is crucial for filing insurance claims and ensuring a swift resolution.

Safely shipping your classic or antique car requires careful planning. However, choosing a reputable car shipping company will help ensure smooth and secure transport.

Vehicle Transport in Canada and to the U.S.

Hansen’s proudly provides safe and secure auto shipping for commercial and personal transport throughout Canada and to the United States. We’re known for our reliable service, convenient pickup and delivery procedure, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us today to get a free quote for shipping your classic or antique car.