Choosing a Transport Company

Look for a company that also transports brand new vehicles from manufacturing plants. That is a good indicator that you are dealing with a reliable auto transport carrier with a history and the know-how to handle and your vehicle in safe and professional manner.

The company you hire should have offices in major centers throughout Canada where you can go and see the operation.

Look for companies that don’t “broker out” your vehicle to the lowest transport bidder but rather have their own trucks, and employees that perform the move.

The company that you hire should settle to completion, any and all claims that might arise, ask specific questions about claims, deductibles and responsibilities at the various stages of the move.

There should be computer systems in place so that you can track your vehicle while in transit.

Going with the lowest cost carrier isn’t always the best choice, some carriers give unrealistic promises that they will not keep or cannot keep.

If the car carrier that you are dealing with does not have or do all of the above, then you need to BEWARE!.

Why choose L. Hansen’s Forwarding Ltd.

Hansen’s moves over 3,000 new vehicles per day across Canada and to/from the United States. Our clients include most new car manufacturers as well as shipping vehicles on behalf of the major Moving and Van Line companies.

Hansen’s has offices in most major centers across Canada with experienced Client Service Representatives at each location. Come and visit us to see our operation.

Hansen’s has a fleet of over 170 trucks of varying capacities, ready to handle your move.

Hansen’s does a complete physical inspection of your vehicle with you. We are responsible for your vehicle from the time we accept your car keys to the time we hand them back to you.

Hansen’s has sophisticated systems online to track your move from start to finish, in Real Time.

While we price our moves competitively, we will attempt to price match or do better with proof of a quotation from other legitimate carriers, however make sure you are comparing all what Hansen’s has to offer not simply price.

With our green plan implemented and being the leader in the industry we will continue to work toward ways to reduce our footprint even smaller, for our future generations.

An informed consumer makes the best decisions. Call or request through our website a quote for your move today. You will find that we have options available to suit your every need.