Hansen's on Women Empowerment - Part 1

The Centre for Immigrant & Community Services (CICS) hosted a “Women Empowerment” in-person event for women at the Don Valley Middle School. Guest Speaker for this event was Annette Dhanasar - Director, Human Resources at the Hansen's Group of Companies.

Annette is an HR Industry Leader, Coach, and Author. Since migrating to Canada over two decades ago, she has been mentoring newcomers and providing coaching to effectively elevate their careers.  

She has been recognized by the Mentoring Partnership for her outstanding service and serves as HR Advisory Member with the HR Connections Program for over a decade at ACCES Employment.

In her presentation Annette focused on Making Canada Home - 5 Stages, provided Labour Market Statistics to emphasize the importance & shortage of Women in the Canadian Workplace, and encouraged women to Recognize your Value!