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Why Car Shipping Is the Safest Option to Transport Your Car

Whether you’re shipping your car across the province, across the country or from Canada to the U.S., hiring a reliable auto transport company is a smart choice. Here are some compelling reasons to hire a car shipper, plus some tips to help you find the best company.


A car shipping company spares you the hassle of arranging the trip. If you’re planning a house move, hiring a car mover frees you up to take care of all your other concerns. A good vehicle mover offers options, like door-to-door delivery and terminal drop-off and pick-up. Avoid vehicle movers that are third party brokers. Instead, opt for one that handles everything in-house.

Secure Storage and Transport

You may be tempted to enlist a friend to help you get your vehicle to its destination, but it’s risky. A reputable car shipping company has expert drivers and safeguards to ensure your property arrives in top condition. When considering vehicle shippers, check what their insurance covers if anything goes wrong while your car is in transit. Ask what kind of storage facilities they use to hold the car and the security they have in place.

Timely, Efficient Shipment

Your schedule is full enough, so don’t add unnecessary tasks like moving a car yourself. Worse yet, an unreliable driver can get lost and need you to give navigation directions over the phone. A reputable vehicle shipper has the wherewithal to take care of your car and knows how to get to the agreed destination. They’ll save you sleepless nights, not only by providing top-notch service, but also by giving you simple ways to track your vehicle while it’s out of your hands.

Predictable Costs

When you try to handle a vehicle move on your own or use friends to help, the cost of such a drive can get out of hand. From gasoline to overnight stays to the many unexpected things that can go wrong, a simple move can quickly become a lot more costly than you bargained for.

Shipping your vehicle also saves you the wear and tear of a long trip on your vehicle.

Note that if you hire a company advertising bargain-basement prices, there may be limitations on the service provided.  Is your vehicle insured and if so, for how much?  Does a deductible apply to the insurance?  Will the vehicle be delivered to your door?  Are there extra charges that may apply?  When selecting a car carrier, it’s best to trust a company that provides honest, transparent pricing and a realistic quote.

Fast, Safe Vehicle Transport Across Canada and to the U.S.

Hansen’s has the expertise and the infrastructure to get your vehicle wherever you need it to go. We have a full fleet of trucks and carriers and a partnership with Canadian Pacific Railway, enabling us to provide efficient, seamless delivery of your vehicle. We take full responsibility for your vehicle while in our possession. Contact us today to learn more about our car shipping services.