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What A Professional Car Shipping Quote Should Include

Obtaining estimates from several companies is essential when shopping for a vehicle transport service. However, some car shipping services try to bury fees or omit important costs in their quotes, leaving customers with a higher bill than expected. Here’s what to look for in a vehicle shipping quote so there are no surprises when you get the final invoice.

1. Shipping Origin and Destination

The distance your vehicle will travel plays a significant role in determining the vehicle shipping price. Longer trips require more time, resources and fuel.

2. Vehicle Details

Factors such as the make, model, size, weight and condition of the vehicle will impact the price. Larger or heavier vehicles may require specialized service, which can increase the overall cost. Additionally, you may want to use more expensive, enclosed carriers for a classic or luxury automobile.

3. Fuel Surcharge

Fuel costs are a component of car shipping expenses. Hansen’s includes a fuel surcharge in our quotes to account for the level of fuel prices.

4. Additional Services

A professional car shipping quote may also factor in the costs of additional services provided by the company. These services may include:

o Security. Ensuring the safety of your vehicle during transportation may involve employing security measures such as guards and surveillance systems, which can affect the overall cost of the shipping service.

o Vehicle tracking. Hansen’s offers real-time tracking services, allowing you to monitor the progress of your vehicle. Including this service in the quote provides the customer transparency and peace of mind.

o Insurance. Hansen’s insures all customer vehicles while in our possession. Your quote should itemize what type of coverage is provided and shouldn’t include optional coverage you didn’t sign up for. The shipping company should also provide information about the claims process.

o Pickup and delivery services. If you need assistance with the pickup or delivery of your vehicle, Hansen’s offers door-to-door service. This service may require an additional charge, which the quote should clearly outline.

Paying extra for additional services can often add significant value. Don’t forget to ask the auto shipping company for details.

5. Seasonality

Some companies charge higher rates during peak seasons. However, not all companies do, so ask about seasonal rates. Hansen’s provides competitive rates year-round and doesn’t raise prices depending on the season.

Get a Transparent Vehicle Shipping Quote in Canada

At Hansen’s, we’ll give you an itemized, transparent, easy-to-understand car shipping quote with a complete price breakdown. As Canada’s vehicle shipping leader, we communicate with our customers about the price to prevent unpleasant surprises. Contact us today to request a detailed car shipping quote.