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4 Situations When You Need Vehicle Relocation Services

You may relish the prospect of a road trip when vacation time comes, but it isn’t an advisable way to move your vehicle to a new location. When you factor in the time and expense required to move the car, the wear and tear on the vehicle and the risk of something going wrong in transit, your fun adventure can quickly lose its appeal. Here are some common scenarios where hiring a car shipping company makes sense.

1. Buying or selling a car out of province

Online car purchases are becoming more popular. That means more car sellers need to ship their vehicles safely without taking too big a chunk out of their profit. A reputable car shipping company provides professional, efficient service and can deliver your vehicle across Canada.

2. Moving for a new job

When you’re moving for a new job, time is of the essence. Wouldn’t you rather get there quickly to orient yourself in your new role than drive for multiple days and arrive at your new job tired from the journey? Your new employer may even cover the cost of shipping, providing safe, insured car transport and none of the hassle or expense.

If hiring a standard moving company is a more familiar option to you, keep in mind that we work closely with many moving companies to transport customer vehicles so that space in the moving van be maximized for household furnishings.

3. Snowbird travelling

If you’re a seasonal traveller, the cost of renting a car for the duration of your stay can be prohibitive, and so can the prospect of driving thousands of kilometres, which can also be dangerous. Your time is precious, so don’t lose one day stuck in a car on nondescript highways. Hiring a car shipping company with cross border service means you can have your car waiting when you get down south or wherever your adventurous soul leads you.  

4. Shipping a car to your child’s college location

Watching your child go off to university can be a heart-rending ordeal, and the prospect of them driving alone to a new city can be harrowing. To make your university student’s transition to almost-adulthood easier on your child — and you — you could have the car shipped to their school city.

Relocate Your Vehicle with Hansen’s Auto Shipping

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