Hansen's vehicle carrier driving through the mountains

4 Reasons to Choose a Car Shipping Service Instead of Driving

Are you facing a major move in your future? Whether you have a priceless antique needing special care or you want to keep your old family van running until your nest empties out, a professional vehicle mover can get your wheels from point A to point B with minimal hassle. Here are four good reasons to opt for a car shipping service over driving it to your new location.

1. You save costs

When you have your vehicle moved by a professional car shipping company, you don’t have to pay for the gas, motor oil and other fluids you’d consume by driving. Plus, you don’t rack up unnecessary mileage that could compromise your car’s resale value. Having your car moved professionally eliminates unnecessary wear and tear, saving you money on maintenance in the long run. You also spare yourself the cost of missing work, hotels and meals while you travel.

2. You minimize your risk of damage

A reputable auto shipping company like Hansen’s has the equipment to move your car safely. Hansen’s also provides insurance to cover your vehicle while in their possession. When you hire Hansen’s to handle your car shipping needs, whether across Canada or across the border, you can rest assured they’re standing behind their service. They’ll deliver your vehicle to you in the same condition you last saw it and bear the financial responsibility of upholding that commitment.

3. You have one less thing to worry about

Having to drive a car filled with possessions, pets and children can be a lot to cope with, even if the weather cooperates. Driving long distances in a distracted or anxious state of mind can expose you to needless risk. With so many other things to worry about, having your car delivered to your new home removes one item from your list and gives you peace of mind.

4. Don’t waste time

Driving your vehicle to your new location requires precious time. If you entrust your vehicle to a reliable professional, your schedule is less disrupted by the move. You’ll free up more time to spend on other aspects of the move, like packing and transferring utility services. You can also spend more quality time with your family to ease their transition. Hansen’s five-step booking process can help you arrange a hassle-free shipment.

Safe and Efficient Vehicle Shipping Across Canada and to the U.S.

Why lose valuable time, money and energy getting your car from your old home to your new one when you can let Hansen’s handle it? As a trusted car shipper for more than 40 years, we’ll get your vehicle moved safely and efficiently. We even have an online tool so you can track your vehicle in transit. Contact us today to request a quote or book your move.