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The Top Reasons for Car Shipping Delays and How to Avoid Them

Are you shipping your vehicle from one side of the country to the other and on a deadline? How should you proceed without feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Hansen's, your trusted service provider for all your auto shipping needs across Canada, is the answer. If you're willing to ship your car to your new destination rather than sell, it must be important to you! Regardless of the reason, you want your car to arrive safely and on schedule, and that's exactly what we do!

Preparing Your Vehicle for Transport

The process for safely shipping your vehicle includes more than just dropping off the vehicle and paying for the service. Hansen's recommends that you consider the points  below to avoid any possible delay:

• It's crucial for the shipping company to be well-informed about any special security features, starting instructions, or handling details. To ensure smooth and efficient transportation, place a clear note with these features on the front seat for the driver's reference.

• Ensure a full charge for electric vehicles (EVs) before pick-up. Remember, valet keys and charging cables with an adapter for a standard 120v plug must travel with your vehicle.

• Make sure your car is in good running order with properly inflated tires, a healthy battery, and a functioning emergency brake.

• Before shipping, disable the “sentry mode” on your vehicle to prevent unnecessary battery drain.

We offer vehicle tracking so that you can follow the progress of your vehicle and get an accurate reading throughout the shipping process.

Understanding Potential Delays: It's Not Always in Our Control

As your trusted vehicle transport service provider, we do everything to ensure seamless shipping of your vehicle. However, there exists many unforeseen circumstances that can occasionally arise, causing delays in the process. Here are some examples:

Weather Woes: Mother Nature can be unpredictable. Extreme weather conditions like snowstorms, heavy rain, or high winds can disrupt transportation schedules. In these situations, transportation may be delayed to prioritize the safety of drivers and shipments.

Incomplete Information: Inaccurate information about cars, such as make and model can cause shipping delays. Carriers are unable to load the car upon arrival for pickup if this information is not provided. Before scheduling your car shipping, make sure to provide all necessary information to avoid delays.

Port Congestion: Congestion at ports is often unavoidable and can be caused by factors such as bad weather and labour shortages or stoppages. To accommodate for potential delays, it's advisable to add a buffer of 2-3 days when planning the timeline for shipping your car.

Customs Delays: When shipping your vehicle to the U.S., it must clear customs before delivery. The duration of this process varies by country and required paperwork.

Mechanical Issues: Delays can be caused by unforeseeable circumstances like mechanical problems with the transport vehicle.

To make sure your car shipping process goes smoothly, follow the preparation tips above and learn about potential causes for delay. Our team at Hansen's is here to answer your questions and address any concerns. Contact us today for a free quote and discuss your car shipping needs! We are committed to providing reliable and efficient car shipping services across Canada.