Hansen’s carrier transporting corporate vehicles

How to Choose the Right Corporate Vehicle Transport Services

Corporate relocations are often necessary for growth, expansion or restructuring. Managing the logistics behind such a move can be complex. Whether it's a fleet of company vehicles or those belonging to individual employees, safe and efficient transportation is vital. This is where Hansen's comes in. We know the unique challenges corporations encounter during relocations, and we provide a comprehensive solution for all your corporate vehicle shipping requirements.

Common Corporate Vehicle Relocation

Head Office Relocation: Are you consolidating operations and moving your head office to a new location? Hansen's can handle the transport of your entire fleet, ensuring a smooth transition for your company vehicles.

Branch Expansion: If you plan on expanding your reach across Canada, we can help by transporting your vehicles to your new branch locations without difficulty, saving you valuable time and resources.

Employee Relocations: Does your company need assistance with employee relocations? We offer unique vehicle shipping options for your valued team members, reducing their stress during relocation.

Car Rental Company Repositioning:  Do you need to re-consolidate inventory to a centralized location?  We can coordinate the shipping and logistics quickly so that you can focus on your core business.  

Why Choose Hansen's for Corporate Vehicle Shipping?

Hansen's offers distinct advantages as Canada’s industry leader in auto transport, making us the ideal partner for your corporate relocation needs. What set us apart:

• Extensive Network Across Canada and the United States

With a nationwide network of terminals, Hansen's offers seamless vehicle transport across Canada and to and from the United States, ensuring complete coverage for your relocation needs.

• Carrier Advantage

Unlike brokers who outsource transportation, we operate as a carrier. We own and manage our own fleet of vehicles, allowing for greater control over scheduling, logistics, and ultimately, the safety of your vehicles.

• Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Our advanced tracking system provides 24/7 visibility of your vehicles in transit. You can monitor the progress of each car or truck, ensuring peace of mind throughout the relocation process.

• Proven Expertise and Track Record

For over 40 years, Hansen's has been a trusted leader in vehicle transportation. Our extensive experience and proven track record guarantees reliable and efficient service for your corporate relocation.

• Strategic Partnership with CPKC Railway

We leverage our partnership with CPKC Railway for cost-effective transport. This allows us to utilize their vast rail network for enclosed and secure transport of your vehicles over long distances.

Get a Quote for Corporate Vehicle Transport Services

When you choose Hansen's as your corporate vehicle transport partner, you gain access to a comprehensive and reliable solution. Our extensive network, carrier ownership, real-time tracking, and dedicated support ensure a stress-free and efficient vehicle relocation experience for your corporation.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming corporate relocation and get a free quote for your corporate vehicle shipping needs. Let us help you navigate the logistics of your move and keep your business on the road to success.