Hansen's Employees in Ontario takes the Spotlight!

This year Hansen's in the Ontario Region celebrated with 10 team members who received their Employee Service Awards for outstanding service and amazing achievements during their career with the Hansen's Group of Companies (HGC).

Congratulations to:

  1.   Marian MacFarlane, LHF celebrating 25 years
  2.   Andrew Gallop, HRC celebrating 15 years
  3.   Bonita Miller, LHF celebrating 5 years
  4.   Nazifa Ferdaus, LHF celebrating 5 years
  5.   Dmitry Falkovich, LHF celebrating 5 years
  6.   Wojciech Drozd, LHF celebrating 5 years
  7.   Hristo Hristov, LHF celebrating 5 years
  8.   Thavachandran Poolgasundaranathan, LHF celebrating 5 years
  9.   Dejan Savic, LHF celebrating 5 years
  10.   Matthew Shea, LHF celebrating 5 years

Awards were presented by Mike Hansen - CEO of HGC, John DiBernardo - COO/CFO, HGC Russel Eddy, General Manager - Hansen's Releasing Company (HRC), Jason Jean - Branch Manager, L. Hansen's Forwarding Ltd (LHF Ontario), Michael Allen - National Fleet Manager (LHF), Annette Dhanasar - Director Human Resources for the HGC.

Marian MacFarlane - National Fleet Supervisor, LHF received her 25 Years Service Award

Andrew Gallop - Auto Handler, HRC received his 15 Years Service Award
Dejan Savic - Truck Driver, LHF received his 5 Years Service Award
Nazifa Ferdaus - Dispatcher, LHF received her 5 Years Service Awards
Bonita Miller -Dispatcher, LHF received her 5 Years Service Awards
Wojciech Drozd - Truck Driver, LHF received his 5 Years Service Award