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Hansen’s catches up with Vancouver

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Hansen’s has 7 locations across Canada, including a branch in Vancouver British Columbia. We caught up with the Vancouver staff to discuss the shipping industry, what’s in the works, and what we have to look forward to in the near future.

What’s the best part about servicing your community in Vancouver?
Tough question... helping people who may end up becoming your neighbours. Every once in a while get to speak to a customer from the same home town and can chat a bit. Connections.

What do you enjoy about the shipping / relocation industry?
Dealing with a wide variety of people, businesses, and industries. learning the shipping business. Who would of though that Grade 10 geography would actually become a practical skill?

Where do you see car shipping and vehicle relocation going in the next 10 years?
More environmentally friendly technology, hybrids, electric cars, fuel efficiency gains.

What’s your fast growing service / route?
AB to BC mountain traffic

What new and exciting changes do you have planning for the coming future?
New office! New HandHeld computers for the drivers.

What new technologies are adding value to your customer relationship?
HH's, Peoplenet (can tell customers exactly where a driver is), TMS tracking online, Google streetview.

What’s your favorite feel-good shipping story this year?
Amateur sport sponsorship: Peninsula Speed Skating Club in Victoria. Glenn Schwarz of Jim Pattison Group kids participate in the club.

Generally speaking, helping customers daily through a portion of stressful move. Taking car of the car move and communicating every step of the way helps them worry about one less thing during the move.

How will you give back to the community this year?
We are considering a food drive, collecting non-perishables to support the Vancouver Food Bank.

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