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Does Vehicle Size and Weight Affect the Price of Vehicle Shipping?

The cost of vehicle shipping and auto transport services can vary.  Shipping larger vehicles can cost more than standard, smaller ones. Why would that be? Surely, it’s all the same, right?

Understanding the extra cost can help you be better prepared when you’re looking for a quote on oversized vehicle shipping.

Oversized Vehicle Shipping – How Size Affects the Cost

The main factor that goes into calculating the shipping costs for oversized vehicles is the use of space.  A larger, oversized vehicle will take up more space on a transport carrier. This reduces the number of vehicles that can be transported at the same time, a reduction in efficiency that leads to a higher cost per vehicle.

Other Factors That Determine the Cost of Vehicle Shipping

When it comes to shipping a vehicle, there are more considerations than just the size, such as:

Origin and Destination

Where your vehicle starts from and where it’s going will be one of the biggest factors in determining the shipping costs. Time, labour, fuel, the route used – these are all things that are considered when calculating the final cost. The further you’re going to ship your vehicle, the more it will cost.

Price of Fuel

The price of fuel is constantly changing, which means that fuel surcharges will fluctuate depending on the day.

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