Hansen's car carrier transporting vehicles across Canada

Understanding the Difference Between Vehicle Transport Carriers vs. Brokers

Shipping a vehicle across Canada can be a daunting task, given the numerous options available. It is crucial to choose the right partner to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your car.

There are two types of companies in the car shipping industry: brokers and carriers such as Hansen's. By understanding the key differences, you will be able to make an informed decision for transporting your vehicle.

The Role of a Car Carrier

Think of a car carrier as a dedicated shipping company, like Hansen's. We own and operate our fleet of transport vehicles, giving us complete control over the shipping process. Our experienced drivers ensure your car is securely loaded, transported, and delivered. Here's what sets a carrier like Hansen's apart:

Full-Service Experience: From obtaining a quote to final delivery, we handle everything, including scheduling, paperwork, insurance, and communication.

In-House Expertise: Our team of experienced professionals manages your shipment every step of the way. You'll have a dedicated point of contact for any questions or concerns.

Licensed and Insured: We meet all Canadian regulations and carry comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind. Our own claims department expedites any potential issues.

Direct Control: Owning our fleet allows us to maintain high vehicle standards and ensure on-time delivery.

What Are Car Shipping Brokers?

Car shipping brokers act as middlemen, connecting car owners with various carriers. While they can provide quotes and simplify the initial search, there are limitations to consider:

Limited Control: Brokers don't own their transport vehicles or manage the actual shipping process. This can lead to a lack of accountability and difficulty resolving any issues that may arise during transport.

Focus on Price over Quality: To secure your business, brokers may prioritize finding the cheapest carrier, not necessarily the most reliable one. This could result in inexperienced drivers, poorly maintained vehicles, or unreliable scheduling.

Lack of Transparency: The final carrier responsible for your car shipment might be unknown until after booking, making it difficult to assess their reputation or service quality. You may be left wondering who is truly handling your car and what level of care it will receive.

Why Choose Hansen's?

For more than four decades, Hansen's has been Canada’s leading vehicle transport company, ensuring your satisfaction. Our competitive edge is:

Peace of Mind: Our proven track record, in-house team, and comprehensive insurance ensure your vehicle is in safe hands throughout the journey.

Direct Communication: You can reach our customer service representatives to promptly address any questions or concerns.

Competitive Rates: While brokers may initially advertise lower prices, hidden fees and potential issues with less reputable carriers can negate savings. We offer competitive rates with complete transparency.

Nationwide Network: With terminals across Canada, we can ship your vehicle seamlessly across the country or to select destinations in the United States.

When you choose Hansen's, you're choosing a dependable partner with a proven track record. We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service and ensuring your vehicle is delivered safely and on schedule. Request a free quote today and see for yourself why Hansen's stands out from the rest!