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How To Avoid Common Car Shipping Scams

When searching for an auto transport company, you’ll probably research online. Unfortunately, many online scam artists try to lure people looking to transport their cars. Here are some common scams to watch for and tips for finding a trustworthy vehicle shipping company.

Types of Car Shipping Scams

There are several ways scam artists target unsuspecting consumers. Here’s a look at some common tactics.

Bait and switch. The company offers a very low price initially but then jacks up the price before they ship it.

The upsell. The company offers to move your vehicle for cheap and asks for your credit card information over the phone. Once they have your information, they’ll pick up your car. Only then does the company inform you that the price has gone up significantly. You’re helpless because they have your car and your credit card information.

Fake buyer. This is a scam artist who preys on people trying to sell their cars. The fake buyer offers to buy the car and sends you a cheque to cover the cost of shipping. They then instruct you to use their approved shipping company to pay the balance. However, the website is fraudulent. Unwittingly, you send money to this fake shipping company. By the time the bank informs you that the original cheque has bounced, it’s too late.

Fake seller. This is someone who posts an online car ad. You offer to purchase the vehicle, but the seller insists you pay for it before shipping it to you. The seller directs you to a fake website which shows your money will be held in escrow. You pay for the car and shipping, but the seller just takes your money and never sends the car.

Tips For Finding a Trustworthy Car Shipping Company

Here are a few things to look for in a reputable, trustworthy shipping company:

Check online reviews. Reading online reviews on Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau and other platforms is an excellent way to gauge the quality of the company you’re hiring.

Look for physical offices. An established and reputable auto shipping company will have physical, brick-and-mortar offices. Look for a street address and phone number. Be wary of companies without an address or P.O. box.

Avoid brokers. Look for a full-service transport company that handles the entire process, from the quote to shipping and delivery. Many companies only act as brokers and hire other companies to do the shipping for them.

Choose Hansen’s for Trusted Car Shipping in Canada and to the United States

Since opening in 1980, Hansen’s has earned a reputation as a trusted auto transport company for individuals and commercial clients across Canada. We’re an award-winning vehicle shipping company with physical offices across the country. Contact us today to speak with one of our customer service representatives or get a quote online.