Annette Dhanasar, shines the spotlight on children's self-esteem in her first book!

Annette Dhanasar - Director, Human Resources for the Hansen's Group of Companies has served on numerous Charitable Organizations across Canada and the USA.

With over 25 years in the Human Resources Industry, Annette has brought her focus right back to the next generation and recently published her first Children's Book titled "Upward Ever - Chelsea's Way to Freedom".

I still remember when I was growing up some of the distinct challenges and encounters I experienced as I tried navigating my way around situations at school and in my personal life. I assure you not everything was easy to talk about.

Today, as I look back on what I have accomplished in my professional life, I have learned that sharing my successes and adversities with family and true friends can make a world of difference in the decisions you make.

As an Author, I have chosen to write stories with a focus on children's self-esteem, disability and mental wellbeing which young readers' can easily connect with. Personally, this would be my way of providing inspiration, hope and encouragement to you.

Hopefully, Chelsea's Way to Freedom brings a little inspiration and sparks some new found hope to a child in your family or community!

Upward Ever - Chelsea's Way to Freedom

Annette is using her new children's book to support Project Hope dedicated to Ukraine Families with Autistic Children who are displaced by the War in Ukraine.

Project Hope is managed through the Doug Flutie Foundation. Every book you purchase through this project goes to support Project Hope, find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Pictured here Susan Lehman's daughters: Mia (10) and Audrey (8) enjoying their read!