A Guide to Shipping Vehicles across Canada

Shipping vehicles across Canada using professional automobile shipping companies is one of the most convenient ways to get vehicles from one city or town to another. Not only does it save time, it also prevents unnecessary wear of vehicle, high fuel costs and of course the mileage. Choose a reliable and trustworthy Canadian vehicle transport company that offers coast to coast service with strategically located compounds, door-to-door service and prompt delivery.

How to Ship Vehicles across Canada?

If you are relocating, there are two distinct ways of shipping vehicles across Canada.

Reliable vehicle transport companies often partner with a railway, such as CP Rail. When you ship your vehicle by rail, it will be transported in enclosed rail cars. Obviously, enclosed rail cars are safer and offer higher security during the transit when rail cars are kept in fenced yards.

Auto shipping companies often have their own fleet of trucks and offer customers point-to-point services across Canada. The vast and superior road network across Canada makes shipping of vehicles across the country efficient and quick. Most shipping companies have regular truck departures and delivery times are guaranteed.

Tips to Ship Vehicles within Canada

Even though vehicle transport companies are experts in shipping vehicles across Canada, to ensure efficient and safe transportation and delivery you should work in conjunction with the shipping company. Here are some tips that will help facilitate the vehicle shipping process within Canada and enjoy peace of mind.

  • Service: Work with the carrier to choose the right service for you. If you live close to the compound or rail terminal, it is possible to save money by driving your vehicle there. If distance is a problem, allow the shipping company to pick up your vehicle from your residence or place of work.
  • Multiple Quotes: Get multiple quotes from shipping companies and ensure the quotes include insurance, taxes, fuel surcharge and other costs, so that you don’t get a shock later on. Give more credence to quotes that offer door-to-door services or terminal-to-terminal, based on your needs.
  • Select a Shipping Date: When shipping vehicles across Canada, shipping companies need a minimum of two to five days notice before the vehicle can actually be shipped. This time is used for arranging the shipping and making the payment.
  • Prepare the Vehicle: Prepare your vehicle for shipping by washing it, checking the tire pressure, topping up fluids, disarming the alarm systems and filling at least quarter tank of fuel. Remove loose items, GPS and other devices from the console and glove compartment. Make sure there are no valuables or belongings in the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Inspection: The transport shipping company will inspect and document the condition of the vehicle before it is shipped.

Shipping vehicles across Canada is simple if you partner with an efficient and reliable auto transport company like Hansen’s. So select your carrier with care.

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