Hansen’s Branch Spotlight: Toronto

Hansen’s has 7 locations across Canada, including a branch in Toronto Ontario. We caught up with the Toronto staff to discuss the shipping industry, what’s in the works, and what we have to look forward to in the near future.

Hansen’s catches up with Toronto

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What’s the best part about servicing your community in Toronto?

Building customer relationships with clients that we share the community with. Receiving referrals of business to other potential users and knowing that we are making a positive impact on the community we work in.

What do you enjoy about the shipping / relocation industry?

The pace of our business is fast and ever changing. This presents us the opportunity to communicate often with a very diverse client base to share our market intel and experience with them so that we can approach those changing needs from a consultative basis.

Where do you see car shipping and vehicle relocation going in the next 10 years?

Hybrid trucking and alternate fuel sources for rail. In the Corporate move realm, I sense corporate employee transfers being reduced, through strategic hiring practices and teleconferencing.

What’s your fast growing service / route?

Special Moves and show moves is growing in leaps and bounds. The ceiling on growth potential, still offers us huge opportunity for this service line.

What new and exciting changes do you have planning for the coming future?

New trucks in the Toronto fleet. Upgraded handhelds for the drivers.

What new technologies are adding value to your customer relationship?

Our Online system and handheld tools for order placing, real time tracking, vehicle status.

What’s your favorite feel-good shipping story this year?

Shipped a vehicle from MN back to Halifax to a husband with two young boys who lost their mom/wife to a severe head trauma while visiting her best friend in MN. I was able to get our 3rd party to work hard on time frames to get this picked up from her friend who was super busy with exams at the college she teaches at in MN.

How will you give back to the community this year?

Many in the Toronto office do voluntary charity work as well as donating my time to church groups for children. Hansen's new quarterly "Charity Lottery" allows the employees to direct where some of the company's charitable donations go. It makes us all very proud to be part of a company that cares like that.

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