11 Things To Consider When Preparing to Ship Your Vehicle

Preparing your vehicle for transportation is probably something you don't do on a regular basis.  Check out these 11 useful tips for how to ensure that you are best prepared for the big move!

  1. Wash your car thoroughly even if will be shipped on an open trailer. You want to be able to note any chips, dings, nicks or other cosmetic damage accurately.
  2. Remove any personal items from your car.
  3. Shut off or disable the car alarm.
  4. Don't fill the gas tank of the car. If the tank is low, between 1/8th to 1/4th of a tank, this will save quite a bit of weight.
  5. Secure or remove any loose parts or specialty items from your car such as ground effects, spoilers, or fog lights.
  6. If you have wide mirrors, fold them back.
  7. Lower and remove/retract the antennae.
  8. Ship convertibles with the top up and secured properly. Try to seal any holes or open seams in the top to prevent air or moisture from causing damage. If you cannot raise the top, you should attempt to cover it with a secure fitting tarp that can resist high winds.
  9. Make sure the battery is charged, that the tires have proper inflation and top off all of the fluids on the vehicle and let the driver know if there are any leaks.
  10. Prepare a careful list of any operational problems or steps necessary to start, stop, or drive your vehicle on and off of the trailer.
  11. Make a complete report of any pre-existing damage your vehicle may have. You may want to go as far as taking pictures (and dating them) of the vehicle prior to shipping it.


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